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1997 Trans Am

12/15/2021 mileage: 81,087

Header install September 2005
September 9th - 11th 2005 with John "Pampered-Z" at Tom and Carol's...

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The 97 TA at Tom and Carol's.

John adjusting the collector.

Steve saying;
"Yep that there an engine,
I got one those in my car."

The dead parts pile grows...

John testing out the Ron "Lift Mod".

Steering shaft removed. (Beer time)

Can now see straight through to the roof...

Doctor Steve observing the operation.

Jason working on stripped threads...
(definitely ron beer time)

Driver high-flow cat...

Passenger high-flow cat and Y-pipe...

SLP loudmouth...

SLP tailpipes...

Passenger side OTVC wires started.

Driver side OTVC wires started.

00:30am Sunday morning... good night.

10:30am Sunday morning...
Taylor spark plug wires.

Crimping the wire ends.

John tidying up and heat shielding wires.

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